Completely transparent caps for colouring or editing.
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 [Feel better~.]

casually answers this like weeks later but thank you two so much <3

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The first person to put “Red String of Faith” in my inbox, is bound to my muse for four days romantically.

Meaning in a sense that my muse will literally think of nothing else but your muse, making references to them, talking about them, swooning over them, the whole nine yards.


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sorry for my inactivity guys but i’m actually sick right now, so i won’t be too active until i get well enough to be on here



"If you’re not comfortable hanging around girls your age you don’t have to. Find people you fit in with and have fun with them."

"Don’t get me wrong, Ichi-nii, I love my guy friends. It’s hard not to when I’ve been around them so long. But they can be idiots sometimes, y’know?"

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Having just hit my 450 mark I have to say: I am absolutely overwhelmed by the amount of followers I've gained since I started this blog. It means so much to me to have you all here day after day. I need it to be known that I love every single one of my followers, and everyone I follow.

I love to hop on my dash and watch you interact with each other, to interact with you personally, to read your writings, admire your fantastic, unique character portrayals, and to write with you myself. There are some of you that I have never even spoken to but I am overjoyed to see you on my dash just because your writing speaks to me on an emotional level. So without further rambling, and not in any particular order because I am lazy, my follow forever:

x-custodis | ofmelancholia | inspirenjional | spoonofdeath | deceptiveserpent | isshxn | organdoom | wisteria-and-pine | ikkaku-marmalade | bi-no-shi | keikakudori | onepunchkill | tiger-braid | feral-pride | hanabiira | solitaryquincy | 5thcaptain | nwodsipu | kaze-taichou | narcisista--canibal | swallowing-snake | fuji-me | one-eyed-subordinate | marigolds-and-despair | h-e-i-k-a | soccerkurosaki | noburupuraido | thefabuloustrepadora | guremiii | go-ichi-go | theorangecaptain | coffinnailsandscientia | ichimxru | vermilionstains | hikari-no-ite | exitusberry | kukyo-na-hebi | nnoitragilga | yer-all-damn-brats | nnoitragilgaa | x-cute-d | tsumetai-kanashimi | okarih | drottinsvik | stoikosevgenis | smiling-sound-princess | swordxmaster | littlematchstickmomo | dr-rukia | sadistic--narcissist | digital-missiles | shunkoprincesssaginodairinin | chui-no-fuyu | teardropsonmyflyingv | busyoffofbasicinstinct | wittyneko | juushiro--ukitake | of-ash | vulgar-display-of-vanity | kodokuo | survivalisforthefittest | andra-sidan | txnshu | rokubantai-taicho | cuarrto | tenaciousbeauty | namatsubame | zangetsu-heika | zorn-gottes | anguinum | antenoru | flaxen--emperatriz | en--kralj | diamondvisored | super-kyuubantai-bee | gurandomasuta | prince-of-silence | princesa--serpiente | kreuzknight | boshi-no-geta | r-y-u-s-e-n-k-a | thefiftysixarrancar | storm-flake | kawaiidollhouse | fingerheater | lunaeterea | ohagireaper | dai-rokushidan | nogodformenlikeus | lunadiluciatheatricasymphonia | rukondistrictkingabarai | tiburonhime | furst-des-lichts | a-fetching-taicho | espada-cifer-ulquiorra | bloodyhandsangel | loyalhealer | iustitiacaecaest | fukutaichbro | storm-knight | kyoki-no-keshin | praktikos-emporo | purple-eyed-maidens | thewhitemperor | timor-pugna | master-cifer | blutigen-arroganz | kuchiki-bya | bite-me-fight-me | rangikusan | nihilism-is-my-death | blood-stained-justice | captain-byakuya-kuchiki

(**Disclaimer: I probably left out a lot of you by mistake. I am first and foremost an airhead. If you don't see yourself please don't take offense and know that I love you just the same as everyone listed above. I tried to keep personals and multiples off the list, although a few probably made it on because I wasn't paying attention.)



[holy hell]

 ––[♔]––    “you better be here with something good. ”

It was hard to swallow her fear and put on a brave face, but she made herself do it. After all, shaking and stuttering wouldn’t get her anywhere. “Where are we?”

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"I hope you’re not including me in the ‘idiot’ group, Karin."

"No, it’s not you. It’s just my friends, that’s all. Sometimes I consider hanging around girls my age, but then I remember how annoying they all are."

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"…I’m surrounded by idiots."

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